More than a comfortable home well adapted to its desert environment, this project is a testament to the success of the City of Scottsdale Environmentally Sensitive Land and Hillside Conservation Ordinance.

The intent of the ordinance is to "preserve the natural character, resources and aesthetic value of the mountains while encouraging innovative hillside development."

Working with City planning staff, the project team identified key sensitive areas within the property, including an existing natural wash and habitat corridor, and dedicated them for preservation in a recorded easement. Besides protecting natural areas through design and during construction, the plan made use of a previously damaged portion of the site for the new driveway, and restored several thousand additional square feet of otherwise disturbed land to its natural condition.

The result was not only to benefit the environment, but create a unique residential experience. Interior living spaces flow outside to enjoy the natural beauty, the washes and habitat. Literally, the first space in the arrival sequence is an outdoor living room, complete with a full kitchen. The rocky canyon becomes the "walls" of the home that embrace family activities and open to spectacular views of the mountains and valley below.

This residence was the first in the City of Scottsdale to qualify for both the Digital Review Process and the Green Building Program.

Interiors: Daniele Ross, Live in Color Inc.


  • Valley Forward Environmental Excellence Award - Merit Award
  • Featured project Luxe magazine, Fall 2009
  • Citation Award, Arizona Masonry Guild, 2009


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