The site plan recognizes the unique opportunity inherent in the corner. By rotating the axis of the central banking lobby, the public space becomes a recognizable connection between the intersection and the center itself.

Inside, the curved ceiling, clad in simple plywood, draws you through the structure. A suspended steel trellis, constructed of metal studs, defines the teller area. Individual clerestory ports allow the glow of morning sunlight to wash the interior space.

"World Savings only hires 'high profile, design oriented architectural firms.' Entering Arizona, we selected Knoell & Quidort, and they always lived up to the challenges that were presented to them by a demanding client. At the Mesa branch, they did an excellent job of organizing the functional aspects of the facility and creating a strong presence on the site. The elegant interiors are a delight to our customers."—Steven C. Miller, Senior Vice-President.



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