House in Clearwater Hills

Paradise Valley, Arizona
Residential 3,688 SF
Interiors KQ Architects

An existing rock retaining wall was salvaged and extended to form the shell of the curvilinear guesthouse. The main house is rectangular and disciplined, with a clear structural logic. The composition captures views and offers different spaces for activities that change with the seasons and times of day.


To address the desert climate, the home is oriented to the southern view, where the large overhang shades the patio. Storage and closet areas block the hot western sun. The V-shaped roof collects rain water so it does not flood the patios. The north patio, protected between the house and the mountainside, has its own microclimate. During temperate times, the natural breezes coming up from the valley flow through sliding doors along both sides and cool the home.


Form and materials create a natural relationship with the rocky hillside.

“So much thought went into every aspect of this home. You listened carefully and sensitively guided us to completion. In our opinion, and that of our friends, the result is a work of art.”

— Barbara Morgan

Awards + Publications

  • "Homes of the Year" Honor Award – AIA Arizona/Phoenix Home & Garden, 2002
  • Environmental Excellence Crescordia Winner – Valley Forward, 2001
  • Merit Award – Arizona Masonry Guild, 2001
  • May Feature – Phoenix Home & Garden, 2001